Private Coaching

"I will now offer one-on-one time for small business owners to help them grow their businesses via Zoom.

After you pay for this one-hour Zoom call, you will receive an email so we can schedule a time.

In the email, I will ask you for all the social media platforms you currently use for your business and your website.

I also want you to share with me via email your struggles and what you wish to achieve from this meeting.

I will study your business prior to our Zoom call.

During the one-hour Zoom call, I will tell you what I would do if it were my business to make it better. I will share with you the tips I have to make it successful.

It will be up to you to work on the ideas and tips to make it successful.

It takes time to grow. These tips come from years of hard work on my own business and from tips I myself have received from big businesses over the years.

Every session is personalized, and I put time prior to our meeting to be prepared for our meeting.

I have helped a lot of small businesses in the past years - so I feel confident I can help you!

I grew my business from the ground up, with no money, no credit, to $800K in sales last year.

My business grows significantly every year!"